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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Different in the female brain and male brain

Multi-tasking capability

Women have the ability to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously. But men can only turn to one thing at a time. If you explain this further, you can watch a television and watch a TV while cooking, but you must stop watching TV for the task, and pay attention to the phone call. When doing so, it is normal for him to miss certain tasks.

Language translation

Women can easily learn to use several languages. But the language of men is far weaker. Generally, a 3-year-old girl has developed more than three years of age boy.


Females are more vulnerable to a problem. There is a relatively high logic potential for solving a male problem. In most cases, women are more likely to solve problems and make it more complicated. When solving problems, the men are more likely to be more successful than women.

Ability to analyze

When analyzing a woman, it is weaker. Men have more space in the brain for interventions. Man has the ability to easily understand a map or plan. However, lesbians see it as an intricate picture. They will not allow the brain to accommodate it.

Lying and cheating

In female lying, in the brain, 70% of the separation activity is handled by the brain, 20% is handled by the body, and 10% in the lungs of the lips. However, the brain does not have any more support in the process of lying with men. Therefore, it is impossible to lie to men. By making good care, men's lies can be easily seized. Women have the inherent abilities of lying, even without facing the face. Because the probability of succumbing to malicious malice is overwhelming, it must be done very carefully.

Facing problems

When there are many problems for women, her brain can not be identified as a problem. Brain causes a diversion. When there are many maladies, his brain easily classifies those problems, allocates it to the classes in the brain, and finds solutions for each other one by one.

But the women want to tell them something else. After that, she does not care about whether the problem is resolved when she goes to bed. She finds relief by removing problems and not getting problems. But when a man experiences problems, she can see looking over problems and looking for problems.


Relationships, friendships, family, comfort, as a woman's needs can be a concern for women. The needs of men can be described as status, success, solutions, and plans. Sexuality can be identified by both parties in a common need.

Not Satisfied

Women place first on relationships. Relationships are disastrous when there is a breakdown. Boys are the first to point out the motive for work, but the work is unsatisfactory. When relationships are in a state of dissatisfaction, women can not concentrate on work, and men find themselves unable to focus on relationships when their work is not satisfactory.

The speech cell

Women do not speak directly. Often, the person listening to what he intends is telling himself what he wants to understand. The men speak straight away. Most often, they simply declare what they mean. There are still women in what is said. She is saying something else to say. If a man says something, he means only what he said.

Emotional control

When the women are impatient, they pronounce wordless words. When the male is impulsive, he / she behaves independently. An impulsive woman expresses her not even expecting, and an impotent man goes into unforeseen actions.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The amazing benefits of watermelons

do you know....? Watermelon has a good effect on your body health. Sweet melons have been found to stimulate your brain to stimulate the entire cellular process. Highly polar solids Vitamin and bacterial substances have water content of 92% of water melons. You can get the following health benefits from eating honey melon fruit.

01. Heart and bone functionality.

Honey melon juice makes blood pressure relaxing, which has led to the increase in blood flow, which is beneficial for disease. Also important for the body's bones.

02. Weight reduction.

Weight reduction reduces fat in the body.

03. Helps reduce inflammation in the body.

Normally, the activity of the cyclo-oxygenase enzyme, which suppresses the inflammation of the body

04. Blood and kidney cleansers are also helpful.

Watermelon helps to increase urine. And, unlike alcohol and caffeine, kidneys are not a tough, natural blood.

05. Tummy and nerve help.

Watermelon is rich in watermelon and helps regulate the body's nervous and muscular functions.

06. Alkaline.

Some foods (ie, meat, eggs and milk) help to cut the risk of developing diseases.

07. Improve eye health

08. Helps to immune and help heal wounds

Some exciting things about kissing

There are many ways that people can show love and affection. Of these, the most important thing is to kiss. There are also many artifacts to kiss. It is said that this kissing art is different from the person.

As a percentage, 20% of your time in life will spend time kissing you. Ancient Egyptians are kissing no lips and a nose in their nose. 50% of people have kissed him before the age of 14 years. Kneading reduces tooth decay and hence the extraction of the teeth by extracting the teeth. The Chinese can not kiss rightly without training. Still they are not keen to kiss.

A quarter of a quota of calories is pumping. Kissing the rump is one exercise. Even in the brains of your brain, you can even find one another's lips. Studies have confirmed that most people's head is swaying to the kiss. The highest number of kisses in the world is reported from Israel. It's 30 hours and 45 minutes.

Kissing in Nepal and Italy in the 16th century was an offense to death.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

VINT CERF - Father of Internet

We all, every time use the Internet. But how did this Internet come about, and who would do this for yourself? Pioneer people will not know you about them. It is not too late to use information. Knowledge is better. Father Of Internet is Vint Cerf. He was born on June 23, 1943. He has a background in computer science and holds citizenship in the United States. Apart from that, he is currently serving as a chief engineer for Google search boards.

In 1965, he graduated from the Stanford University, USA. He obtained a computer science degree from the University of Los Angeles. After that, he was an IBM engineer. Vint Cerf worked with the ARPANET network in 1968. Problems arise in the exchange of information between computers on the computer's network of computers, as there was no technical protocol.

At the time, with the support of Bob Khan, a researcher at the kitchen network, Winnie Surf created a protocol like this. In 1973 on saturday, they presented their protocols "A Protocol For Packet Network Intercommunication" in a research paper.

The protocol, known as the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), was an exchange of data packets or datagram.

The Datagram behaves like a mailbox in a envelope. When it comes to mail, it can not be opened to anyone. When a letter breaks down, a file that is sent to Datagram is opened on the computer where I request. This means that the data file, or Datagram computer network, is not open during a transfer, so it can be fast forwarded to the network where needed.

With the adoption of this protocol with the introduction of the SBC headquarters by Bob Khan, a network of computers could be connected to another network. Today, this computer network is called the Internet.

Vint Cerf worked hard to improve this protocol. In 1978, Virginity Surf divided the TCP port into two parts. Developed one part of the protocol that could be used with routers that directs the information to the desired destination. The new IP-Internet Protocol was created.

Now with the new protocol, the new protocol came together with another new protocol. According to this protocol, TCP / IP is running today. Vint is known as the father of the Internet because of this excellent process. With his help, we will use it today. Or the Internet could have been a mess.

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Mobile Phone Virus History

Do you know the phone virus? If you do not, look at this post. We're going to go back to the phone virus history.

Initially, phone viruses are similar to viruses. Both of you are damaging your device. Cell phone viruses come from bluetooth and MMS. Studies have shown that phone viruses have been influenced by phones with Symbian operating systems.

A telephone virus was first mentioned in June 2004. Since then, there have been 05 viruses identified. Cabir, Skulls, Commwarrior, Locknut, Fontal are these viruses.

Cabir virus

Reported first - June 2004
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - through Bluetooth
Damage - no harm

Skulls virus

Reported November 2004
Effect of the virus - phones with Symbian OS
Expansion - via Internet downloads
Damage - All other activities go off except for receiving phone calls and sending text messages.

Commwarrior virus

First Published in January 2005
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - through Bluetooth and MM
Damage - MMS messages to all numbers included in the Phone Book.

Locknut virus

First published - March 2005
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - via Internet downloads
Damage - all phone operations will be deactivated.

Fontal virus

First published - April 2005
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - via Internet downloads
Damage - all phone operations will be deactivated.

If there are any ways to escape these things,
             Unknowingly find files and remove them, antivirus software installing the phone.

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Computer virus | Full Introduction Tutorial

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer program that has the capability to self-copy into a computer program is known as a virus.

Why are these programs given the name of Computer Virus?

This is because these programs hide in other computer programs, like self-copying and live coding like Live Brake.

How is the virus spreading?

The main source of information is the Internet. The email contributes most to the direct spread of the hardware, such as pins, floppy disks, compact discs, multiple disk drives that can be used to move data. Additionally, the computer network also contributes to this.

What can happen due to viruses? Below are some of the major damages.

  • Destroying data and information being destroyed.
  • Computer simulation.
  • Sometimes I rarely fall into computer hardware.
  • Dramatic data or information disrupting or crazy.
  • Damage to software installed on the computer.
  • The computer has to be inconvenienced and wasted time.

How to Identify the Virus?

When a virus infection is infected by a virus, one or more of the following symptoms can be seen. (In some cases, these infections can occur due to other causes and should be considered with care)

  • Computer's operating speed is less normal.
  • The computer is often off
  • Restart the computer regularly
  • Some software is difficult to work with
  • Shuffle the functioning of each software
  • Same software removal automatically
  • Delete the files automatically
  • Incorrect file collection
  • Shows the shadowy shadows on the screen
  • Can not install new software
  • Messing and dialog box decompression
  • Displaying a variety of screenshots on the screen or the icons
  • Various sounds
  • Computer disk failure
  • On-line computer disinfection
  • It is difficult to print in the right way
  • Various nonsense copying in printed copies
  • Displaying the presence of computer trays
  • It takes extra time for the computer to run

How to remove the virus?

The best way to remove viruses is to use up-to-date antivirus software. Here are some of the free antivirus software available.

  • Avast
  • McAfee
  • Sophos
  • Panda
  • AVG
  • Kaspersky
  • Avira
  • Norton

How to protect yourself from viruses?

  • Putting the firewall on
  • Run the correct backup files
  • Antivirus program availability and deployment of security tools
  • Uses an account instead of an administrator account for normal use
  • Always use genuine software
  • Do not go to unknown websites
  • Give more attention to the email they receive
  • Securely used methods of entering data

Other harmful programs

Worms - Auto complete. You can move around in a file without needing a program. They spread rapidly in computer networks, which could be the most serious.

Trojan Horse - useful programs that can be viewed as destructive but destructive.

Spyware - The information on the computer and the computer performs well.

Adware - keeps posted unwanted advertisements while surfing the Internet.

Hijacker - robbery of data and information in store.

Dialer - This affects the people who use the modem ... and they may have to pay for an unexpected phone bill.

Logger - has a different logger. This is done by stealing private information.

Spam - unnecessary email is sent to your email account.

Software against harmful software

Malicious Software - Versatile Software

Virus - Antivirus

Worms - Antivirus

Trojan horse - Antivirus

Spyware - Antispyware

Adware - Antiadware / Popup Blockers

Hijacker - Antihijacker

Dialer - Antidial

Logger - Antilogger

Spam - Antispam

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Let's learn about GPS (Global Positioning System) technology

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a Satellite-based Navigation System.

A Navigation System is a way of looking at where you are located by a map. This is carried out by the US Department of Defense's 24 satellite satellites. This was first used in military operations, and later, in 1980, the government allowed civilians to use it. This GPS technology is successful in any part of the world regardless of whether, but 24 hours a day. An important fact is that it is a completely free service.

How does this work?

Every GPS satellite transmits facts to the Earth, travels twice a day on its brakes. GPS receivers use this facts to calculate their place. This calculation is done by comparing the time the GPS sends to the signal from the satellite. It detects the distance between the Receiver and the GPS Satellite. Thus, one receiver receives one receiver using several GPS satellites and maps the receiver's place to the receiver.

The receiver also requires at least two GPS-s at a time to show the place at which it is in two-dimensional mode, in mech and longitudes. Using GPS Satellite 4 or more, you can view your place as 4D, such as latitude, longitude and altitude.

In this way, the receiver receives the speed, direction, path, distance traveled, the distance from the source to the voyage, the sunrise and the sunset when the receiver receives one.

How right is GPS?

Today, the used GPS Receiver is high in size, because of its parallel multi-channel design. Garmin's 12 parallel-channel receivers are able to retrieve data provided by Satellites in a short period and to keep up a strong connection as soon as they are put into action. Garmin® GPS receivers can accurately calculate their place by ascending to 15m from ash.

The WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System - comes with Garmin GPS receivers that can cut their accuracy to 3 m. WAAS does not have any accessibility tools. It can be further defined through Differential GPS (DGPS) (see above). This DGPS system is supported by a network of fixed towers using beacon transmitters operated by the US Coast Guard. One must use this service as well as a different beacon receiver and beacon antenna.

GPS Satellite System

There are 24 satellites located 12,000 miles over the Earth. These run smoothly and less than 24 hours each satellite travels through two circles. They travel at a speed of 7,000 miles per hour and the satellite is powered by the sun. A battery backup is used to power continuously in the eclipse. Each satellite uses the little rocket boosters to keep track of them.

The following is some information about GPS Satellite.

  • The first GPS Satellite was designed in 1978.
  • The first time a GPS Satellite 24 was established in 1994.
  • Each satellite is capable of operating up to 10 years, and the satellites to be used in the meantime are being produced.
  • One satellite is weighing 2,000 pounds and consists of a 17 foot cross-section of solar panels.
  • They send a transmitter of 50w or less power.
  • These waves emit a range of UHFs of 1575.42 MHz. The FM radio we use uses a range of 88-108MHz.
  • Thus, three information sets are transmitted, such as Pseudorandom codes, Ephemeris data, and Almanac data.
  • Pseudorandom is the code to find each satellite.
  • Ephemeris data indicates that the satellite is in good condition.
  • Almanac data identifies the satellite as to where the satellite is to be at the time of the day.

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