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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How to Create a Perfect Password?

How are you guys? I'm going to give something new today. You know how much passwords puts on that one account, and I'm going to give it today. Passwords can be found in Easter programs that can be found in Passwords Crack software. That's why I'm going to say that today, I'm going to make a special Password. No more talking. We'll get back to work.

first step - remember the first letter of the sentence that you remember.

Eg: "My name is Kamal" is the original letter mnik

Step Two - Put other characters or symbols into their own scripts, as they like, or in their memories.

For example, if the word 'a' is in the letter '@', then 'l' can be entered as '1' .I if an 'i' is an alphabet that can be turned around, it can be turned off '!' The above-mentioned passport is different. mn!k

third step - let's get this Password closer. For example, if you are 15, the numbers in this page can be added to our Passwords. The passwords we created could be changed as follows. 


Step Four - Another way to simplify the passwords is to add this letter to the Passwords collection. For example, if the passwords are used for gmail, then the letter 'g', and Gmail, for 5 letters, can be used to number 5 in our passwords. Then the passport is different.


So now we have created our passwords. It's just a strange passover out there. Do not write this passwords at any place. Do not write anything else here (my name is Kamal, 15, Gmail). If you forget the Passover then you can remember it. Then, let's take a look at this article and let's go. So, if you like it, the shea would not be a good deal. Then I went. See it in a new article...

Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to Increase Download speed of Torrents?

Good day, Hasty. Today I would like to tell you that anyone who knows Torrent has heard about it, because now the movie is download from Torrent, it's about Torrent, mostly Torrent.

01. u-torrent
02. bit torrent

So, this is my Download Speed, both at that and the same.

I'll tell you how to increase the download speed of Torrent. I have done some photos here and go into your Preferences and set it aside.

I want to do this too. To increase the rating at the top of the page, you need to do this one by one.

It's a good idea to increase Torrent Trackers. Some of its Torrent Trackers are waiting for you to download and download to download trackers. To do this, we need to carefully guard the trackers and trackers we need to put aside space below the threshold. Or not.

Then work is over. My name's Speed has increased. You can do the same. Everything has to be done.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Get a free International Sim Card...

Here I brought something for free. For free, so it's not necessary. This sim simulates whether you go to any country but has Signal. You can get it free. Do the following without much talk.

Let's get this first out of here.

Now there is a Form that looks like above.

First off, select the Sim type you want.

Then you need the Network. Choose one of them there.

If you need to fill in the balance, you will know. Give your real points here. Give the address and give you a letter of address.

Where are the cities there are the City and the PostCode related. The Code comes in when search for your City on Google.

Then pick your country and Phone Number.

In the CAPTCHA code, type the code above.

Then Click on the "Prepaymania's terms and conditions" option to click Send Me My Free Sim.

Now it's working. For a week, Sim comes to the house. These things always come to our blog every day. Comment on something awkward.

Monday, December 18, 2017

How to make a Subtitle for a Movie? | Full Tutorial

Some people do things according to their will, perhaps as a hobby or becoming popular. For example, do Video Editing, Photography, Audio Dj, blog writing.

I would like to tell you today in any language you want a movie in Sinhala. In fact, there are many ways to do this.
All right, I'll just say the right way.

We can build a Sinhala sub like any other language movie ...

* First, we need to translate English Sub, which we hope to translate into Sinhala.

* It will be easy to search for google and search.

Ok, now extract the file you downloaded like that.

* Now you can see the English Sub. Right click on it and open with Open and notepad.

(There are too many software for subtitling)

* Then, this way you will be able to see Time Line and debug.

* Now, do it using your English knowledge to translate those English words into the film that suits the film.

(If this kind of language comes in, you can help Google Translate)

* Now, you need to save your converted subpack ... File to save it Substitute it Save It's easy for you
 (Or press CTRL + S at once.)

Let's forget to use Sinhala Unicode. Do not use a Sinhala font ... I think you should tell the links if you do not ...

*** Now you can connect to site like, and transfer your language.
*** Or, like, you can Free Upload and share links with FB, G + and social media....

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Let's keep any software free for a lifetime - No Crack

So guys, I want to write a good article that I've been thinking about. Reading this article is a great opportunity for you today. It's the ability to use any free software in the world. The experience I have here is that I give you. and there are those who possess even the best methods. So, for those who do not know anything, this article is priceless.

We all know that if you work on a computer, you need software. You need a player to listen to a song .. Then drag a picture like MS Paint, or type something like type Word Pad. Well, but besides the applications with Windows, we have to get installed on an additional Software's computer to work it out of the ordinary Windows system or not. But Software we give money I want to buy .. But I do not know if software comes to us.

Why do we give Software money?

Some people think that these things are happening by falling over the sky with skyscrapers. Remember, this software also creates some people like us. They have to work hard for this. It's time to spend some time. Perhaps one can not create one software. More people can join together. And so we need to pay for their work. And that's why software does not give us...

Most of the time, this software is released for trial software. They are often only in a specific time frame or within a certain time limit. Most of the time, you can use it for 15 or 30 days. There are demo versions of some of the software that can not be surrendered so often.

Is not Free Software Available?

What's wrong? There's plenty to do. We call them Freeware. It's free, because most of the time, this kind of software is less affordable. And because these are just too complex, development is very low.

Anyway, we're poor. Where can we get the money? That's why many people do not buy Software. So, most of the time, get out of the street and get software.

It's easy to find any software on the Internet. But this downloading software needs to be activated. Or it can not be kept forever. So the best thing to do is download it with Download Serial Numbers, Crack, Key-gen, Patch.

So I'm leading you today like that, how to completely download a software from where to download. And let's say how to keep a lifetime of software using a variety of tools.

Look out of it as much as you can!

Method of downloading from the official website.
It is a risky task to take software from one another to another. This software does not come from the company. So you can believe in the content 100%. So before that, check out if this software can be downloaded from the official company's website. Then try the separate Serial No. only. Unbeknownst to you, you are the owner of an original software.

I have downloaded like Adobe Photoshop Avast as this way. Then how to find the Serial. For this, you must first go to YouTube. Do not attack Google on the software. And most of the time, you're only going to be misled. I know YouTube is a Video website. I do not believe anyone in these sites has software Serials. It's what happened. There are many who have Serial Number at the bottom of the video.

Talk about Serial No and say something more intense. Not bad enough, remember that the serial number is often based on the version of the software. Just consider Avast 6.1.2. But if you find the Serial 6.1.0 you may lose some time. So try to search Serial exactly with Version.

But those Adobe creates Serial like CS2, CS3, CS6. Corral is the same. X6, X7 is the way it is.

Blog services
First of all, I did not find the software you could find. do not be afraid. Let's launch the second method. My friends, the site's unique site is one of the most popular sites in the world. Most people who make Blogging just do not have software. At the same time, Serial No or Activate, you can add something to your blog to add something. So, secondly, we help the blog. Think you need Internet Download Manager 7. Go to Google, enter the search for the option "Internet download manager full version free download blog". In the end, our Google Helper gives us the Blog site that we have given to our app. Try it, too. full version free download blog is the part I really want to add.

Then I'll give you an amazing website. Name 4shared. The name suggests just in the name of you. Actually, I have downloaded many software from this site. I'm not going to tell you what you're looking for. But most of them can. Apps on Android too. Try it.

By Torrent service
Torrent is not the best way to download Torrent software. 95% of the chances of having the software you're looking for. And you can do this in the first step by searching for Serial No. They ask why they did not leave this before. Actually, I just wanted not to give the easiest way to download software. It's best to give the best. If you made the first step, you can get the original software yourself. But if you use the torrent, you can do it. Most of the rest of the users do not know how to use torrents, and we can not trust Torrent since downloading some time. That's why I did not commit torrent behavior.

What are you doing if it's all out?
Very rarely. It's often a difficult time to go for a much-sought after software.

Expiry time prolonged.
What's that? Well, we can use a software to lengthen the expiration process of a Trial software. There's a small program called Time Stopper. Extend it out of the software's expiration date by 30 days. Stop or stop. It's okay so I had to work on Trial software every day.

Let's put a separate post on this. Try doing the same thing while on the lookout.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Free Online Photo Editors.

Today we going to talk about free website list.

In the world more people likes to edit they images. but they don't know how to do its.

but Now you can do it easy. We can upload our personal image and edit it using this websites.

No need any knowledge about tools and No need registration.

No hidden fees. Access with this Links.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Lets play a video in the wallpaper

Is it can do? yeah, its posibel. we can do it with VLC media Player.

VLC is the free software. you can download it by this address.

After the download, install it. if you have the latest version; no need to download again.

else it, i mean its old version(Before the v 9.6) you must download new version before the doing this.

ok, lets start.

open any video from your computer using VLC.

Now click video tab, then click Output Modules and select DirectX.

Now you can see a new player.

Then directly going to Video -> Set as wallpaper

now you can see its working like a wallpaper.

*Remember Doing this trick you must install DirectX in your computer

Thank you for read.

See you again.

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